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1. To check your updated teaching schedule

You will receive a notice regarding your new teaching schedule via email or phone call (For special/urgent cases). You will then log into the link, then click “My Schedule” at the Menu page. The system will show all your teaching schedules at each week. Click “Open” on the week you want to see your teaching schedule.

2. To check your Actual Teaching Hours

Once after log into the system, Click on “My Teaching Hours”. The system will show the amount of total Actual Teaching hours in accordance to each payroll (The 1st and the 16th Hours and your Remaining Teaching Hours via this link page. of each month). Further, you can check for your Actual Teaching

3. To check the details of each attendant

Log into the system, fill in the 4 digit numbers of the Attendant sheet in the blank box saying “Please enter code to group......-search”. Click “Search” to see the Attendant details (Eg. Student number/ age/ nationality/ new student status/ each student’s remaining hours, course level) Also, click “View Classroom Daily Report” to see topics or details about each previous teaching lesson.

4. To record the “Classroom Daily Report”

Log into the system, Fill in the 4 digit numbers of your teaching Attendant sheet in the blank box, then click “Search”. See your top right side, there is the title for “lesson plans” on top of the table chart. Click “Content” on the row according to your exact teaching date. Then the Classroom Daily Report page will pop up. Fill in the complete details accordingly and click “Update”.

5. To submit your green slip, pink slip and time card.

You will scan your green slip, pink slip and time card (Clearly seen). Log in and click “My Teaching Hours”. It will show your amount of teaching hours in accordance with each payroll. There is the button for “Upload File” at the end of each payroll list, click on the button to upload your scanned files.

6. To submit your account info.

This is limited to Bangkok Bank Account only. You will scan the front page of your Bank Book (Clearly seen). The front page includes your full name and your account number. Log in. Click “My Profile”, click “Upload” to upload your scanned file.